The Company

Piona Engineering SA is committed to designing technological systems with cutting-edge eco-sustainable solutions aimed at energy-saving and maximum comfort.
We are operational internationally and specialized in performing:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Preliminary, final, executive and constructive design;
  • Construction management;
  • Testing and commissioning;
  • Project managament;
  • Project financing;
  • Due diligence;

Piona Engineering SA designs and develops electrical systems, lighting systems, home-building automation (BMS) systems, special systems, data-network systems, production plants from renewable sources, air conditioning and air exchange systems (HVAC), water and sanitary systems, fire extinguishing systems and building envelope studies.

Piona Engineering SA offers an integrated service and follows customers from the first design stages to the realization of the project and the project’s operational phase. We are especially attentive to finding solutions that contribute to a more comfortable use of space-a focus that is essential but still sometimes overlooked in this field.An important strength of our company is that our technicians undergo continuous training in order to be able to propose innovative solutions that can always meet our customer’s needs, to comply with national and international regulations, and to minimize operating costs while ensuring a high degree of environmental sustainability.
Ours is a formal and applied research activity aimed at new ways of devising “systems”, a form of knowledge marked by extraordinary versatility, applied to a wide sphere of interventions in different sectors:

  1. Public interest works: sports, social, medical-hospital, education, public entertainment, public lighting, religious;
  2. Productive: commercial, executive, industrial, tourist, hotel, agricultural, server farm, construction sites;
  3. Residential: social housing, residential centers, sustainable building, passive-house, structures made with X-LAM technology or platform frames.

Integrated and Innovative System Solutions

All of Piona Engineering SA’s projects stem from the research and development of innovative solutions oriented towards efficiency, eco-sustainability and energy savings.

Building envelopes for new or redesigned buildings that offer maximum comfort in human-friendly environments. We use an integrated approach aimed at making the building envelope and the various environmental systems work in synergy for the sake of the occupants’ wellbeing.


All of Piona Engineering SA’s projects are based on the study and design of state-of-the-art buildings. Smart and green homes and workplaces that produce more energy than they consume.

Piona’s mission can be summarized as:





Piona As

A complete offer of services that begins with the examination of customer requests, develops through a continuous exchange of information with the customer, and leads to an executive project ready to be executed at the construction site.

Carefully-studied and detailed solutions with design proposals created by experienced technical designers who undergo continuous training.

A design built on a solid basis that guarantees safety, compliance with current regulations, technological quality, attention to energy consumption, limitation of management and maintenance costs, environmental sustainability, and above all innovation and redevelopment to be always one step ahead. Preliminary, final, executive and constructive design, as well as:

  • Analysis of technical and economic feasibility;
  • Assistance with procurement procedures;
  • Works management, measurements and accounting;
  • Safety coordination;
  • Technical assistance and consultancy during works in progress;
  • Systems testing;
  • Monitoring of installed systems;
  • Testing and commissioning;
  • Project financing;
  • Due diligence.