Air Conditioning and Air Quality

Buildings with high aesthetic and architectural qualities do not always guarantee an ideal level of comfort and wellbeing for users through good indoor air quality.

Piona Engineering SA considers environmental comfort an essential requirement of indoor air quality management (IAQ). Therefore, we aim to integrate the architectural qualities of the building with the operational qualities of the heat and air conditioning system-the heart of the building.

We evaluate air quality and manage it in accordance with parameters derived from the main national and international indoor air quality certifications.

Air conditioning systems are managed by new generation analysis and control systems that make it possible to control and prevent pollution or unsuitable maintenance.

The latest generation BMS-controlled air conditioning systems manage areas of the building with different spatial orientations and transition from heating to cooling as needed during the arc of the day.

In order to manage the heating and cooling of buildings with high vertical development and strong endogenous loads due to the large presence of glass surfaces, we use systems with four or three pipes, with energy recovery, air distribution with variable flow regulators, cold beams, and radiator systems integrated in the building envelope around rooms and interfaced with modern and efficient thermoregulation systems.

We study the internal distribution of rooms together with the designer in order to make the most of natural ventilation, both forced and free flow, to achieve important energy savings with freecooling.

Modern systems of energy recovery from air flows lead to buildings capable of recovering up to 80% of the energy ejected for air exchange.