Green Building and Renewable Energy

It is widely accepted that integrated design with the use of renewable energy must aim primarily at environmental sustainability, energy efficiency (energy savings) and energy production from renewable sources.

Piona Engineering SA focuses on ways to produce and use renewable energy that make sustainable development possible. The concept of sustainable development has three key components; the first is production (linked to the production of renewable energy); the second is energy use (efficiency and energy savings), and the third is environmental impact (pollution).

Sustainable development therefore requires a broad approach that affects not only energy production but also energy use and is part of an overall focus on sustainable development and a green economy.
Environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, sustainable energy production.
On the sustainable energy production front, the main point is obviously to produce renewable energy, and that is why Piona specializes in the use of sources that by their very nature are not “exhaustible” on a human time scale, in particular solar and geothermal energy.

With regard to rational energy use—energy efficiency or energy savings—there are many possibilities, but Piona’s motto is that the first absolute savings are achieved with energy that is not consumed in the first place. That’s why Piona pays great attention to studying the building envelope in detail together with the architectural and structural designer. The integration of different professional specialties makes it possible to design a building with optimal solar exposure and a high performance envelope.
Our know-how on efficiency and the use of renewable energy involves also the design of window fixtures and walls, and their airtightness.
Working in synergy with the architectural designer makes it possible to design cutting-edge solutions within the market of low consumption and eco-sustainable systems, and to combine them with the building envelope and the use of new, durable insulating materials derived from nanotechnology to realize passive or positive energy buildings.


Radiation Systems

Piona Engineering SA designs and develops radiation systems for both heating and cooling, with natural ventilation, freecooling, and energy recovery with continuous mandatory ventilation systems (CMV). These systems are in fact the basis of our design, which builds on an in-depth study of the building envelope and solar radiation with optimization of solar energy use through both photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems and solar cooling. We also design geothermal systems that get energy from ground sources and/or underground water, in order to exploit this free source of energy from under our feet and integrate it with heat pump systems.

Buildings can become energy “producers” rather than consumers through integrated photovoltaic systems, hydroelectric systems that use water sources on site, and wind farms integrated in buildings, as well as cogeneration and trigeneration systems.

Using these methods and deploying our BMS expertise, we are able to create buildings with positive energy efficiency.


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