Piona Engineering Sa offers design and consultancy services in technical physics with industry professionals for the study, measurement and monitoring of indoor environmental quality.

Building Diagnostics

Everything begins with a diagnostic examination to know the constitution of the building, its climate behavior, the level of comfort it can offer and the location of consumption items and energy costs.

Environmental Monitoring

We detect and examine the internal and external climate data for the building over time, in order to extrapolate a climate and expenditure overview on the basis of which it is possible to envision a modern renovation and redevelopment of the building. The data we study and monitor are the thermo-hygrometric environmental quality and the health and temperature conditions of the building.

Analysis of Summer and Winter Loads with Energy Simulation for the Modelling of Buildings

Piona Engineering SA specializes in the design of envelopes made with new-generation materials:

  • Ventilated walls with insulators derived from nanotechnology;
  • Active envelopes that optimize renewable sources;
  • Winter and summer load analysis with energy simulation for building modeling

Building Physics

The newest approach to the integrated design of buildings calls for a careful analysis of their energy behavior under various conditions of use. The field of “building physics” involves all design aspects influencing comfort and energy efficiency.

One of the main objectives of a modern building is to ensure a very high level of interior comfort while using the absolute minimum amount of energy. In designer lingo, we talk about “NZEB buildings” (net-zero energy building) or “Active buildings”, which produce more energy than they consume. Piona Engineering SA offers design consultancy services on building physics, using simulation tools to predict the thermo-hygrometric and energy behavior of building envelopes.

The consultancy may have the objective of complying with mandatory SIA 380/1 standards, or it might aim to achieve higher standards, such as MINERGIE, MINERGIE-P or MINERGIE-A standards.

MINERGIE is a high construction standard that essentially aims to use energy rationally and increase living comfort in buildings.