Home and building automation systems

Piona Engineering SA has years of research experience in the fields of home automation and building automation. We have followed a path of continuous growth in step with international technological developments and have developed expertise at realizing cutting-edge solutions in building automation and smart home automation.

Piona Engineering SA stands out for its great expertise in the design of control processes and integration of different building management systems, such as:

  • Lights;
  • Engine systems;
  • Thermoregulation;
  • Audio systems;
  • Security systems;
  • Access control;


We use standard buses such as LON, BACNET, KNX, DALI, MODBUS, DMX for all these systems.

The Value of Integration

We realize integrated systems for companies and homes, with wide-ranging possibilities and great versatility, that can be adapted to any context, and that make it possible to control large plants and systems, with guaranteed energy savings and incorporating the type of operating logic automation that is becoming increasingly present in buildings.
Requests for audio and video communication systems have led us to also develop a design line dedicated to audio-video systems for professional contexts such as conference centers, auditoriums, meeting rooms and multi-room systems or home theaters in residential contexts.


Integration with Audio and Video Systems

We design structured “videoconferencing” systems using an advanced communication system (especially for corporate contexts) that enables image and video sharing as well as direct communication with remote users.
Thanks to constant support from major manufacturers, we have become ever more knowledgeable with regard to design choices, and we can realize projects that can be fully integrated with BMS or home automation.

We offer systems and solutions for video conferencing over IP, ISDN and other systems. The various options available include end-point apparatus, perfect for meeting rooms, as well as more structured platforms that allow individual PC stations to participate in video conferencing sessions, thus enhancing a company’s communication and collaborative capacity.
With a change in scale and a focus on the use of suitable products, the same home automation technologies can be perfect for home contexts. Home automation systems address the combined daily needs of various home environments, managing lights, engines, video intercom systems and audio/ video systems in a way that enhances usability and comfort and turns houses into “smart homes”.


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