Lighting Systems Design

At Piona Engineering SA, we have always been extremely interested in lightning technology; that’s why our studio includes the highly specialized professional figure of Lighting Designers.

Lighting technology is the technical/scientific discipline that deals with the lighting of spaces and environments, both indoors and outdoors, using both sunlight and artificial light.

Knowledge of lighting technology is however only necessary, but not sufficient, to produce an artificial-lighting project; the latter also requires interdisciplinary knowledge, such as:

  • Physiology and psychology of vision: light perception in the human eye, ergonomics of lighting, visual comfort;
  • Architecture and design: choice of light suitable for indoor or outdoor, buildings, monuments, squares, streets, gardens, museums;
  • Sustainable architecture: maximum exploitation of sunlight, useful among other things for limiting greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Electrical engineering: use of electricity in lighting, types of light sources (fluorescence, iodide, led, sodium);
  • Regulations: safety (emergency lighting), energy saving, light pollution.

Lighting plays a very important role, both suggestive and educational, since it helps to highlight specific elements in a project; it gives life to architectural spaces and buildings, and it is even able to arouse specific emotions in people.

A well-conceived and implemented lighting project can greatly contribute to the way people benefit from buildings. Lighting design has been shown to be a decisive factor in the well-being of people who live in buildings.
Establishing a positive collaboration between architects and lighting designers from the early stages of a project can ensure that the architect’s vision is optimally realized and enhanced from a creative point of view.
There are many challenges in architectural lighting design. Current legislation involves rules for a wide range of aspects, including lighting levels in buildings, sustainability goals and measures to reduce light pollution.

At Piona, we know these standards well and can propose solutions that respect the architect’s vision from the earliest stages.
In the workplace, well-designed lighting can convey a feeling of well-being and result in increased productivity. Our lighting projects link everything to an automatic management system that uses Building Automation to save energy by automatically regulating internal lighting in view of the presence or absence of people and the supply of light from the outside.