Electrical Systems Design

MV Electrical Systems Design

  • Medium voltage substations and LV/MV substations, prefabricated and not, with trench-duct system, with 1 transformer, multiple single transformers or with parallel transformers, calculation of medium voltage selectivity, calculation of medium voltage lines, calculations medium tension rings.

LV Systems Design

  • LV power-center switchboards;
  • Calculations for LV lines;
  • Back-up calculations;
  • Calculations for cable lines and electric ducts;
  • Calculations for cable ducting systems – energy lines, data/special lines;
  • Rephasing calculations;
  • Lighting inspections – ordinary, emergency and external lighting;
  • Calculations for centralized emergency light systems;
  • Systems for hospital environments;
  • Network exchange systems – engine generators;
  • Sizing for grounding systems;
  • Safety electrical systems;
  • Protection systems against atmospheric discharges.

Design of public lighting systems

  • Calculations for power lines cables;
  • Lighting inspections;
  • Luminous flux control systems;
  • Regulations for public lighting;
  • Project for the operation of public lighting.

Design of electrical installations in premises at risk for hazardous explosions – classification of hazardous zones

  • Identification of significant quantities of hazardous substances and definition of the characteristics of hazardous substances;
  • Identification of ordinary emission sources and emission sources in the event of component failure;
  • Calculations for ventilation;
  • Definition of the extension and form of hazardous zones;
  • Identification of the type of electrical system to be installed;
  • Drafting of maintenance logs for electrical installations in premises with explosion hazards;
  • Systems maintenance studies;
  • Periodic inspections of plants/systems;
  • Plant/systems testing.