HVAC and Sanitary Systems Design

Piona Engineering SA specializes in the design of heat and cooling plants fueled with liquid, gaseous, solid fuels (processing waste) and electricity, realized with:

  • Battery heat generators/chillers/heat pumps running sequentially according to the plant’s thermal load requests;
  • Climate regulation optimization of the building/plant system according to maximum environmental comfort, maximum energy savings and lowest maintenance costs;
  • Automated central climate control, heating, air conditioning and air treatment, realized with B.M.S. systems, with single-row automation schemes for centralized states, operations and alarms.

Heating Systems

  • Radiation: floor, wall, ceiling, thermostrip, radiant pipes, micro-perforated radiant ceiling panels;
  • Natural convection: radiators;
  • Forced convection: fan coils, air treatment units, air heaters, ducts, heat-ventilators, autonomous hot air generators, roof tops, air blades;

Air Conditioning Systems

  • Radiation with relative humidity control: floor, wall, ceiling;
  • Forced convection: fan coils, air treatment units, roof top;
  • Air conditioning: with direct expansion system, heat pump system, chillers;
  • Air treatment systems with humidity control;
  • Centralized heating systems with thermal energy meter (autonomous heating);
  • Gas distribution systems;
  • Exhaust gas pipes for heat generators;
  • Multilayer and/or removable plumbing;
  • Exhaust distribution system, wastewater removal stations;
  • Compressed air distribution systems;
  • Steam production and distribution plants;
  • Medical gas distribution systems;
  • Feasibility study for energy recovery;
  • Installations using renewable energy sources;
  • Solar systems for integration of heating, domestic hot water production and pool heating;
  • Geothermal systems for air conditioning, both on land and sea;
  • Geothermal exchange systems and controlled ventilation of rooms;
  • Rainwater recovery systems for irrigation and/or washing.